Diamond 4Cs. Diamonds Grading - Carat, Cut, Clarity, Colour.
Diamond prices are determined by its grading. All of the diamonds at Diamonds & Jewels are from internationally recognised diamond laboratories (EGL, DIA, JCSA) that grade diamonds according to the 4 C’s - Carat, Cut, Clarity & Colour.
Each diamond carries a grading report (certificate) detailing the Carat, Cut, Clarity, Colour and specific laboratory number allocated to the diamond with its own unique number.
Your diamond purchase should be based on a clear understanding of the 4C’s of Diamonds.
Diamonds & Jewels carry a wide range of diamonds in all cuts, shapes, sizes, colours and clarities including round brilliant, princess, emerald, marquise, pear, oval & heart cuts.
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This is the shape of the diamond, and can be established with the naked eye.
A round stone has 58 facets, which must be in perfect proportion, ensuring light is reflected to the top of the stone. This gives the stone its beautiful ‘life’.
The original shape of the rough stone often determines the shape of the cut and polished diamond, e.g. pear shape.
The number of facets of fancy shaped stones may vary.
This refers to the weight of the diamond.
The carat reading of a stone is also an indication of its size although it is actually a measure of weight.
1 Carat = 100 points = 200 milligrams = approximately a 6.5 mm round stone.

A .75 or a 3/4 carat stone is the same as a 75 "points".

The perfect white stone has no colour, and is graded as D.
Going down the alphabet, between D to J, stones are graded as white.
From K to Z, a yellowish tint may be detected. Jewellery stone technically often have a hint of colour, which makes it more affordable, although it looks white to the naked eye.
Recommended colours for jewellery stones are:
Yellow / Red gold: H, I, J, K, or better.
White gold and platinum: G, H, I, or better.
Clarity refers to the purity of the stone.
Most stones have minute inclusions, both in or outside. These non-crystallized carbon specs can be white or black.
Ideally one should choose a jewellery grade stone with inclusions that cannot be detected by the naked eye.
Recommended clarity for round jewellery stones: VS1 to SI2, or better.
Emerald cut jewellery stones: VS1 to VS2, or better.
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